International Studies – Precautions to Be Taken Before Applying

The students aspire for overseas education. This provides them with two opportunities. One the international education and the second to mingle and learn in the multicultural environment. However,their aspirations get a setback when they fall into the hands of undesirable elements. The way they have been treated by some of the colleges in UK require students to take some precautions. When you pay the minimum amount of tuition fee to get CAS (confirmation of acceptance) letter ensure that your tuition fee is safe. Because once you transfer the funds before getting your visa either of these two situations may arise. One the college gets off the register of sponsors before issuing CAS by the UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency) and two you are denied visa by the embassy due to some reason. So ensure that your fee is refunded in the stipulated time as per the terms and conditions in the offer letter. Apply for the refunds as soon as possible and follow it till the amount is credited in your bank account. There are many cases where the students have been trying hard to get refunds.

I am aware of the two students who paid their tuition fee as per their respective offer letters. They paid GBP 5000 and GBP 3730 respectively to a college in London. The college issued them the CAS letter on getting tuition fee. The next step was to apply for a study visa to UKBA. When they applied for the visa, they learn that UKBA had taken some colleges off their register of sponsors. This meant that their CAS were no longer accepted. This college happened to be one one of them. Repeated calls to the college and emails yielded no response. The students applied for the refunds and the college confirmed the same by telling that the refund is in process. However, one day the college staff asks them to fill up forms again for refunds and send the same. The students sent them the refund forms along with the necessary banking details.

The college acknowledged the receipt of refunds request but ask them to be patient for a while as they have some management issues. Finally, one fine day we learn that the college stops reverting to mails and telephone calls. Even the website was taken off and college telephones were disconnected. The students try everything but all in vain. However, the bigger issue here is the future of a large number of students who were suffering similarly. Their parent’s hard earned money seems to have gone down the drain as no Government or private agency is trying to help them with the refunds. The UKBA says it is a matter between the college and student. The college does not respond so what is the solution?

Should such elements be allowed to go on flourishing at the cost of others money? Should the Governments of both countries not protect the interests of the students? The money that has gone out of India belonged to the Indians and such colleges have no right of misusing it for their personal expenses. I am sure the justice and fair play loving British people and the non Governmental social organizations of UK would agree with me.

Let us all fight this menace collectively so that justice is delivered to each affected student of all nationalities. We need to build a public opinion in fighting this evil at all platforms. Let us make our governments aware of the plight of such students. The governments should ensure that their citizens interests are protected. The black listed colleges be made to pay the dues along with the damages and interests from the day the amounts were credited in their accounts. I am sure if there is a will there is a way and let us prove it again.

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